Medical studies have shown that marijuana may have therapeutic effects with some forms of cancer – although positive results are not guaranteed in any particular case.

A number of countries, and more than 20 states in the United States, have legalised medical marijuana. Uruguay has in fact created the world’s first legal marijuana market.

The health benefits of marijuana are said to be vast, supported by many medical and scientific studies. Marijuana can be more effective for medical purposes when eaten rather than smoked!

  1. George Washington grew marijuana on his farm. A few presidents enjoyed marijuana occasionally: Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have all smoked marijuana.
  2. Marijuana can be much more effective for medical purposes when eaten. There are a number of recipes, from sugar to shakes, that medical marijuana can be added to.
  3. Some countries where medical marijuana is legal are: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, North Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Spain, Uruguay. Jamaica is not part of the list!
  4. Since Colorado legalised marijuana, crime has fallen and state revenue has grown. Crime dropped by more than 10 percent and the state is collected $30 million dollars in revenue in a year as a result of weed tax.
  5. People may not realise there are different cannabis strains. The two main species of cannabis, sativa and indica, can produce wildly different effects on the patient. Depending on the medical condition, you can do quite a bit of research to pinpoint the perfect strain for whatever you are suffering from.

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