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All of and the products come in 30ml bottles, the difference is the CBD strength. 

Using the feedback given by customers, the 600mg is more for children, as adults who have purchased these products, usually have to take around 30- 40 drops before they start to realise a benefit. Although This is not always the case. 

If you are looking for somewhere to start, and would prefer not to go straight to one of the strongest oil, The 1350mg is a good place to start for adults or even older children. There are those who are using strongest concentration, the 2100mg because they need or want a very strong dose of CBD per day and take around 40drops a day for health issues such as Cancer, and then there are those who purchase the 1350mg or 2100mg because it means they take less drops per day and the bottle can last up to 3-4 months based on 10-14 drops a day dosage.

There is no one right number of drops/ dosage amount, as everyone is different, so as a suggestion, you would need to experiment for the first few weeks, starting at a lower number of drops and increasing slowly until you are feeling the benefits that you are seeking and you getting the most out of the product. The idea is by finding the least amount that works for the individual, the product lasts as long as possible and is a more cost effective way to go about it. 

Some Customers split their dose and take half in the morning and half in the afternoon, although a common practice for most, this might not necessarily be best for your situation. Don’t be afraid to adjust according to you and your needs.

Depends on the number of drops you are using per day, as a guide:-

40 drops a day (1ml) – one month

20 drops a day (0.5ml) – two months

10 drops a day (0.25ml) – four months

As everyone is different, this can vary from topical use to Sublingual.

If using sublingual, leave for 20-30 seconds under the tongue – this ensures a quick absorption into the bloodstream, which means it’s quicker to take effect.

CBD Body Butter or Topical Use of Oil. Rub a few drops onto the affected area or if using the Body Butter product Allow oil to absorb into the skin

This varies from person to person. Some feedback indicates relief within days, others weeks. Depends on a variety of factors.

Some people do require about 3 months of continual usage before the Full effects can be felt, this is when our body's Cells rejuvenate and are replaced with healthier cells that have been benefited by the CBD. This process repeats every 3 months. 

Dosage suggestion starting point and instructions for the 1350mg or 2100mg.

Start with 5 drops once a day for the first 5-7 days then increases to 5 drops twice a day, morning and evening. Do this for at least 2 weeks (Longer if you like it and if you are feeling progressive benefits as some people do require a longer timeframe to see results than others).

Assess after this time and see if you feel any progressive benefits or you may find that that’s enough per day to see the results you are after. 

If not, increase to either 5 drops 3 times a day or 7 drops twice a day. Assess again after a couple of weeks and so on until you find the right dosage for you. Note that the stronger the oil, the less likely you are going to need to keep increasing, but again, everyone is different. 

Note if you end up taking 10 drops twice a day or more, you may also be able to drop back after some time or after you have achieved the benefit you are after and see if a slightly lesser dose maintains the results. 

Keep in mind it is difficult to count the number of drops as you place them under your tongue, so you will find that filling the dropper from the end/tip of the dropper to where the dropper goes to its widest point is about 5 drops. Visualise what approx 5 drops look like in the dropper and guesstimate this amount each time. Either that or you can purchase from the chemist a 1ml syringe that will show the ml’s. 

The 600mg product would be the same starting instructions, however, for adults with chronic conditions it MAY mean that the daily total may need to be increased further than the above suggestions for other stronger oils.


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