Cannabis for sleep problems has been used for thousands of years. There is evidence to suggest that it is not the psychoactive properties of the THC component in cannabis which support a better night's sleep, but the cannabinoid compounds like CBD which interact with our brain to promote better sleep patterns.

An Israeli company is formulating the first “cannaceutical” aiming to help people with insomnia and other sleep disorders.

The product, called ican.sleep, is a “cannaceutical” (pharmaceutical-grade cannabis product) that is lined up to be launched in the global market following patient trials taking place this year.

According to the two companies jointly releasing the product, CannRx and iCAN:Israel-Cannabis, ican.sleep will utilise pharmaceutical-grade delivery systems to provide a stable, controlled dose of cannabis formulation.

It will use a CannRx proprietary technology called CannTrap to capture and stabilize cannabinoids that are “soluble and adequately bioavailable”.


The companies say the product will “rapidly induce sleep with a prolonged ‘through the night’ therapeutic effect”.

Says Saul Kaye, Australian ex-pat and co-founder of iCAN Israel-Cannabis: “As an insomniac myself I am proud to be involved in bringing a next generation cannabis product to the market. Dose-able, repeatable cannabis is a reality.”

Research shows that cannabis, like alcohol, may improve subjective sleep complaints, particularly when used over short periods of time.

By Sheshtyn Paola, AJP News on March 25, 2017

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